Forestry Tree Shears

Forestry Tree Shears

The PRODEM PTS range of forestry tree shears make felling trees or maintaining overgrown shrubs and bushes quick, efficient and safe. They are ideal for use by forestry and environmental contractors, as well as any construction company/contractor tasked with land clearance or roadside maintenance.

The shears allow the operator to take hold of the tree securely, whilst the blade simultaneously cuts it to the desired height in a clean controlled manner. The tree remains secure in the jaws and can be safely moved for stacking or processing. They are particularly useful in areas with restricted access, such as roadsides, riverbanks, steep slopes, orchards or rail sidings.

Excavator Range: 5 – 22t

Product features:

  • Manufactured entirely in HARDOX
  • Hydraulically driven replaceable cutting blade providing efficient and clean cuts
  • Hydraulically driven accumulator arms ensuring safe and secure felling
  • Optional central accumulation clamp enabling multiple cuts
  • 360°rotation available on most models boosting production through manoeuvrability
  • 150-500mm diameter cutting capability
  • Raised rotation mounting position giving stability and balance
  • Low blade positioning for regular and consistent cutting
  • Large material exit area to avoid blockages
  • Easy inspection access
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