Hydraulic Magnets

Hydraulic magnets offer a plug-and-play solution for all metal handling.

Automatic speed control, and single start and stop button functionality are just two of the features that make Dynaset hydraulic magnets extremely simple to fit and use. Will work with pretty much any machine, and the fast de-magnetisation ensures a quick and precise processing of ferrous materials.

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Optional extra – HMAG with teeth

ModelsHMAG PRO 700-21HMAG PRO 900-34HMAG PRO 1200-49HMAG PRO 1400-57
Diameter (mm)72096012501450
Power (220 vdc kw)361012
Tear-off w/air gap Ømm 300 Lifting Capacity (kg)5500105001500018000
Slabs/Blocks Lifting Capacity (kg)2750525075009000
Pig Iron Lifting Capacity (kg)105230410580
Scrap Lifting Capacity – grade 3A (kg)80200370530
Scrap Lifting Capacity – grade 24 (kg)70190360510
Scrap Lifting Capacity – grade 40 (kg)40100190240

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