Shaft Screening Bucket

Screening buckets for all screening and light crushing purposes

Product range available:
PSB2-700PSB2-1500   |  PSB3-1500  |  PSB4-1500
PSB3-1700  |  PSB4-1700  |  PSB3-2300  |  PSB4-2300

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ModelExcavatorWheel Loader Weight Class (T)Min-Max l/minBarISO/SAE (M3)Screen area (M2)Weight (kg)
PSB2 – 7003.5-72-330-602000,15/0,190,3280
PSB2 – 15008-104-740-702000,6/0,70,6690
PSB3 – 150010-147-1040-702000,7/0,81,0980
PSB4 -150014-219-1590-132001,1/1,21,31350
PSB3 – 170022-2512-16110-1802002,0/2,21,42100
PSB4 – 170025-3214-20110-1802002,7/3,01,62750
PSB3 – 230028-3518-25130-2002203,0/3,42,02750
PSB4 – 230035-4521-30130-2002203,9/4,52,43200

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