Patch Planers

Repair roads, including potholes, with a patch planer.

The PRODEM patch planer will mill horizontal, vertical and sloped surfaces, and remove the entire top level of asphalt or cement evenly so it’s ready for trenching or recoating.

Features include a mechanical depth adjuster, available power indicator to maximise productivity and swinging support pivots on the same axis as the cutting drum for perfect finishing.


  • Evenly removes top levels of asphalt or cement for trenching or recoating
  • Road repair, including potholes

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ModelMin distance from curb (mm)Cutting depth (mm)Independent RH-LH depth adjustmentRequired oil flow (lpm)Max oil pressure (bar)Swinging support rotation angleSwinging support rotation angleSpecial drums widths (mm)Standard drum max depth (mm)Special drums max depth (mm)
PP20040 (20*)SingleNo30-50250120°20050-25070125
PP30050 (25*)SingleNo45-75300127°30050-300100130
PP350 ED50 (27*)DoubleYes55-90300118°35050-350120150
PP40050 (25*)SingleNo55-90300118°40050-400120150
PP45060 (30*)SingleNo75-140300120°45075-450150200
PP450 ED75 (40*) DoubleYes90-140300102°45075-450180220
PP600 ED75 (40*)SingleNo120-200300105°60075-600200250

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