Hydraulic Compressors

Hire or buy a hydraulic compressor for a range of jobs.

Suitable for installation on almost any type of working machine, the Dynaset hydraulic compressor can provide power for pneumatic tools, fill tyres, air-flush, clean equipment, and more, and is suitable for continuous demanding professional use such as quarrying or mining. No extra fuel is needed and it will run for a long duration, with minimal maintenance.

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Model Compressed Air Druckluft Air ComprimeDimensions Abmessungen Dimensions Weight Gerwicht Poids Hydraulic input Hydraulik-Eingansleitung Entrée hydraulique
l/min ISO 1217bar(W x L x H) mmkgl/minPressure (operative) Druck (operativ) Pression (operationell) min.barPressure Druck Pression max.bar
HK 400/8-234008390 x 415 x 4553523100210
HK 1000/12-35100012490 x 660 x 7258035170210
HKL 400/8-244008*250 x 325 x 5253024170250
HKL 801/8-26-0E8008*390 x 540 x 6405026190250
HKL 1300/ 8-38-0E13008*390 x 540 x 6405538210250
HKL 1300/ 8-46-0E13008*390 x 540 x 6405546170250
HKL 1800/ 8-46-0E18008*390 x 600 x 7509546210250
HKL 2600/ 8-65-0E26008*495 x 770 x 87010365210250
HKL 2600/ 8-85-0E26008*495 x 770 x 87010385170250
HKL 4100/ 8-113-0E41008*495 x 770 x 870185113200250
HKL 5000/ 8-135-0E50008*495 x 770 x 870185135180250
HKL 7500/ 8-176+12-0E75008*850 x 820 x 1100330188220250


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