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Line Boring Machine

There are occasions when a hole will become deformed, so, in simple terms, a line boring machine is used to repair an already machined hole or boss helping to extend the life of your attachment. If holes are not in a straight line or round, the attachment may malfunction.

The machine will bore out the existing hole to ensure it’s a full circle again, before welding it back to the correct size and making it as good as new. The line boring machines in our service centres have variable speeds, are extremely powerful and can cut through the toughest of materials

CNC Plasma

Plasma cutting is the practice of cutting sheet metal by an accelerated jet of hot plasma. It enables our engineers to make extensive and complex repairs and modifications to our customers’ equipment, from replacement plates, to full attachment refurbishments.

Due to the computer numerical control, cutting is highly precise and exact, even when working on the thickest metal. The machine allows us to complete jobs quickly so you can have your attachment back working again in a timely manner.

Coded Welders

Our team of coded welders all have extensive industry experience, are fully qualified and are highly-skilled in completing jobs such as repairs to cutting edges and excavator buckets, as well as fabricating bespoke fittings. This means our customers can be safe in the knowledge that not only will faults be diagnosed and repairs be completed to ISO standards by competent engineers, but that all work will be fully insured.

No matter the type of metal being worked with, welded repairs will be completed to the highest standards giving you peace of mind that your attachment, no matter the make and model, can go back to being used to its maximum.

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