Rock Wheel

The PRODEM PRW Rock Wheel is perfect for jobs that require accurate excavation of medium to hard fractured rock, such as trenching, profiling rock and concrete walls, tunnelling and quarrying, as well as dredging and other underwater applications. We recommend our rock wheels for use on sites with noise and vibration sensitivities, and also for finishing operations where high precision, minimum disturbance and optimum aesthetic results are required.

Excavator Range: 3 – 40t

Product features:

  • PATENTED Integrated High Displacement Hydraulic Piston Motor – gives high torque to maximise performance
  • Double support bearings on each cutting drum – shaft transmits motion only, no load
  • Interchangeable drums and replaceable wear parts – picks and anti-wear plates
  • Two hose positions
  • Virtually maintenance free – feed line filters and dust-proof mechanical seals protect the motor from dust and impurities
  • Frame design prevents material build up – maintains productivity
  • Milled material can be reused on site
  • Deep and narrow trenches
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