Flails and Mulchers

Flails and Mulchers

Berti flails and mulchers increase the profitability of your excavator by expanding the jobs it can carry out, which includes hedge cutting and other landscaping applications.. The flails and mulchers incorporate many different cutting widths and are available as tooth, hammer or blade types – just let us know your requirements and we’ll ensure you get maximum performance.

Excavator Range: 1-35t

Product features (1-15t models):

  • Levelling roller
  • Enclosed motor
  • Self-levelling support, with under plate for the mounting bracket
  • Purpose made mounting hitch
  • Side skids
  • Removable front inspection hood

Product features (16-35t models):

  • Side skids with replaceable wearing undershoes
  • Replaceable, fixed or swinging hammers (models vary)
  • Made to measure hitch
  • Hydraulic piston motor with drainage line (models vary)
  • Protective cover for motor (behind the hoses)
  • Transmission belts (high performance v-belts)
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