BPH Attachments expands PRODEM range with recent launches

BPH Attachments has expanded it’s range of PRODEM hydraulic attachments in the UK with the addition of three new launches: the PCB crusher bucket; the PRW Rock Wheel; & the PP Patch Planer.


PCB Crusher Bucket

Designed to efficiently crush and convert waste material including brick, concrete, rock and even wood, into reusable hardcore or infill, directly on site, the PRODEM PCB Crusher Bucket, is available to hire or purchase from BPH Attachments now.

Industry users have estimated the attachment, which features a patented auto-reverse crushing drum, can increase productivity to anything between 34-45 ton per hour on-site by reducing operator input and increasing utilisation of site machinery. It also has intuitive jaw adjustment, high displacement radial piston hydraulic motors, wear resistant teeth, and easy forward-facing or reverse-facing loading.

Thanks to the attachments versatility, the PRODEM Crusher Bucket can be utilised to reduce the volume of a variety of materials on construction or demolition sites, recycling, excavations, pipelines and road works, and in quarries. As the crusher bucket can be fitted to excavators already working on site, it negates the need for additional machinery, and also saves cost by cutting down on transport requirements, as materials can either be reused on site or the bulk will be reduced.


PRW Rock Wheel

Whilst PRODEM hydraulic hammers are renowned for being effective quarrying and concrete reduction tools, when precision is the name of the game the PRW Rock Wheel is the attachment for you.

The PRODEM Rock Wheel is ideal for trenching, rock & concrete wall profiling, tunnelling, quarrying and demolition as well as dredging, finishing operations and even underwater works. It is also perfect for working in confined spaces, or areas that are sensitive to noise and vibration. But regardless of where it is in use, the dust-proof PRW is specially designed to give maximum precision and maximum productivity.

The patented integrated high displacement hydraulic piston motor guarantees maximum performance, and precision is guaranteed by the duel hose positioning (90° manual rotation available as standard). Should you want hydraulic rotation, that can be provided.

What’s more, the design of the PRW Rock Wheel makes it virtually maintenance free. The frame of the PRW has been designed to discharge material quickly and efficiently to maintain productivity, and the PRW is also fitted with mechanical seals and feed line filters to prevent dust and impurities entering the motor and causing a breakdown.

Added to this, as with all PRODEM attachments, the wear parts – in this case the picks – are fully replaceable, and there are drum and teeth options to suit most applications. Put it all together and the PRODEM PRW Rock Wheel is the ultimate cost-effective investment.


PP Patch Planner

With the launch of the ultra-versatile PP Patch Planer, PRODEM are delivering the core brand ethic of providing durability, reliability and cost effectiveness to the highways and utilities sectors.

With the ability to operate on horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces, the PRODEM PP Patch Planer is designed to remove an entire layer of asphalt or concrete in preparation for future trenching or resurfacing work.

It features a patented adjustable depth slide which means that each side can be set to different depths. As such, the PRODEM Patch Planer gives perfect surfaces with side-by-side passes.

The PP also features mechanical depth adjustment as standard (hydraulic adjustment is also available) and a swinging support which, because it is pivoted on the same axis as the cutter drum, gives a perfect planning surface regardless of the ground contour or excavator position.

And finally, the PRODEM PP Patch Planer features The Performer (optional), a patented device that enables the operator to visually monitor and maximise the performance of the Patch Planer. The Performer is calibrated to the working pressure of the excavator and then provides an easy-to-see signal to show whether the attachment is working to it’s maximum performance. Thanks to The Performer, the machine operator knows exactly how far they can push the machine to get maximum productivity out of the PRODEM PP Patch Planer.

To view this attachment and a selection of others in action, please visit our Video Gallery. For specs, please to go our products page.

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