4 Uses of a Rotary Screening Bucket

Why use a Rotary Screening Bucket?

Rotary screening buckets are an excellent attachment for your excavator, especially in today’s construction, waste, groundworks, and demolition landscape. They offer a versatile alternative to other screening options such as expensive screening plants that can take up a large amount of space on site.  Operators can sort material according to the removable screen net size i.e., a 20mm net will allows all smaller material than 20mm to fall through while larger materials are retained in the bucket.

With an ever-increasing demand to increase efficiency whilst remaining sustainable, rotary screening buckets can help you to keep up. If you’re thinking about hiring or purchasing a screening bucket and can’t make your mind up, then this blog may be able to help.

Main Purposes of a Rotary Screening Bucket
1. Re-use

A common use for a rotary screening bucket is preparing topsoil into a finer product which can then be used for landscaping or on site for padding and backfill for pipes and cables etc.

2. Salvaging

Rotary screening buckets simplify the process of salvaging aggregates from constriction and building renovation sites by separating materials, allowing them to be identified and sorted properly. The salvaged materials can then be re-used for other purposes on and off-site.

3. Waste Separation

Separating natural waste at landfill sites can be extremely time-consuming; however, the screening bucket speeds up the process by minimising manual intervention.

4. Screening

As their name suggests rotary screening buckets provide the ability to screen various materials from scrap to demolition and can help remove any contaminants prior to use is smaller materials such as sand.

Rotary screening bucket attached to excavator.

Effective and Efficient

With a rotary screening bucket operators can effectively and efficiently screen and sort materials on site for a low initial investment and operating costs. Having the option to sort and screen materials on site removes the need for them to be processed off site and reduces unnecessary costs. The fact that their size allows them to be used on almost any site, low costs and high efficiency makes it an attachment worth having.

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