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Matthew Bastable, sales director of BPH Attachments offers advice for the demolition industry on procuring and operating hydraulic breaker attachments:

When it comes to buying, operating and maintaining hydraulic breaker attachments, end-users can ensure increased productivity and longevity by following a few basic recommendations relating to the purchase and running of such equipment.

Before purchasing a breaker it is worth considering the level of service and support offered by the distributor. Having a good distributor to support the end-user after purchase is paramount. If your breaker is likely to operate at different locations, look for evidence of nationwide support preferably delivered though a number of depots with dedicated service personnel on call. This is a good indication that equipment can be serviced and where necessary repaired in a timely manner.

Along with reliable and capable dealer support, the provision of affordable and accessible parts is worth the same consideration as the upfront purchase price of the breaker itself. Although securing a bargain price for a new hammer is an important priority for most buyers, if parts are difficult to come by and expensive, increased machine downtime and costly repairs may erode or even cancel-out any savings made on the initial purchase. Whilst BPH Attachments strive to offer competitively priced equipment as well as supporting any sale with cost effective servicing and parts packages some distributors lack this balance, selling equipment cheaply then overcharging for parts and servicing later on.

With theft levels of plant equipment reaching record levels, it also worth considering equipment with enhanced security features. BPH attachments currently offer ProDem products with CESAR identification and tracking systems which include tamper-evident, high visibility identification plates which contain a unique Datatag transponder.


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